Wittorf Fights into relegation games!

by Soeren Andersen

Never before has a 0: 7 defeat felt so good. Against the number 1 in the Bundesliga, there was nothing to win today. But since Dortelweil also came to no point, Wittorf participate in the relegation matches to the 1st Bundesliga in 3 weeks. Here the chances are not bad.

Yesterday's success against Mülheim was decisive. The events that played out yesterday can hardly be surpassed in drama. [Nbsp] A top player from Mülheim could not arrive in time, as he was able to fight his way into the semi-finals in Paris in a tournament and play there on Saturday. This has already led to speculation to make up for the 0: 7 first leg defeat against Mülheim. [Nbsp] The 1.HD was then suddenly close to demolition. Vitaly was hit by the racket of his double partner on the head so that the racket broke and plenty of blood flowed. Coolpacks and patches had to help in short time, because a match is not interrupted by the referee for a long time. Actually, everyone was up for a job but Vitaly meant. "Game continues!" The unbelievable happened, they won the doubles and got 3 more games. And that without the head coach Ralf, because he was with Vitaly in the hospital long ago.

The success story continues, it may be dreamed of a successful relegation.

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